Service for organizers who valued visitors
Ticketing platform for regular and one-time events
TiBox is a ticketing service. We create new opportunities for organizers who work with visitors - to release a secure QR-ticket with flexible price, date and time settings, regularity of events, number of seats and seating, online sales, traffic control, fast crediting, secure returns in case of event cancellation.
New opportunities for organizers of large-scale events and private events.
The ultimate tool for work with visitors
Flexible capabilities create a comfortable experience
with large-scale and private events.
Automatically return the funds to the buyer's account, if necessary
Build a customer base, use it to launch loyalty programs
Clients list
Each produced ticket protected from counterfeiting with a unique QR code
Secured tickets
Using a template
create your website for ticket sales
Web page
Check tickets with a smartphone with the installed app
Entrance control
Connect payment gateway and get credited payments from ticket sales immediately
Quick payments
The service allows you
to produce tickets with dynamic settings that can be used in various fields -
QR-ticket guarantees security of use and return, fast verification, and sales control.
Master classes
Expo exhibitions
Festivals and concerts
Private events
Depending on the type of event choose the necessary tools to work with tickets
To reach the audience, share the page on social networks and promote with advertising campaigns.
Connecting social networks
Seating schemes
Schedule for multiple events
Trusted payment systems
Mobile adaptive web page
Selling online
Selling offline
Track real-time sales statistics to control cashiers and distributors at multiple points
Printed QR code linked to web page
Control with smartphone
Real time statistics
Connecting a printer
Checkout module
Payments on TiBox
Per one produced ticket
Fast start
Per one produced ticket
  • Save by Prepaying services or paying the full price with Pay as you go.
  • To instantly receive money from ticket sales integration with the payment system is required.
Per one produced ticket
Pay as you go
min $0.4
  • Save time on the connection.
  • Integration with the payment system is not required.
  • All financial transactions through the platform.
Don't like to pay a commission?
You can pass the booking fee to your customers.
When paying for tickets, the payment fee will be automatically added to the cost.

* When receiving funds from ticket sales, banks or payment systems withhold a fee ≈ 2.5%
QR tickets for events — new opportunities for organizers and visitors
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